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Table 1 Data extraction form

From: Systematic review of effectiveness of universal self-regulation-based interventions and their effects on distal health and social outcomes in children and adolescents: review protocol

Characteristics of included studies
 Study ID (author name and year)
 Author email
 Study design (RCT/cluster RCT)
 Total number
 Age group (range/average age)
 Setting (including location and social context)
 Method of recruitment of participants
 Clusters (if applicable, no., type, no. people per cluster, no of sites)
 Baseline imbalances
 Withdrawals and exclusions (if not provided below by outcome)
 Sex (male to female ratio)
 Any special group/conditions/relevant social demographics
Intervention/control group (separate section for each group)
 Unit of allocation (group/individual)
 No. randomised to group (specify whether no. people or clusters; if clusters, number of sites)
 Intervention description (content, components)
 Timing (frequency, duration of each episode)
 Delivery (mechanism, medium, intensity)
 Providers (e.g. no., profession, training, ethnicity etc. if relevant)
 Integrity of delivery
Outcomes (separate section for each outcome)
 Outcome name
 Time points measured
 Any outcome definition/scale
 Person measuring/reporting
 Unit of measurement
 Is outcome tool validated?
 Effect measures: point estimate, confidence intervals
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