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Table 5 Search strategy with MeSH terms

From: Prevalence of metabolic syndrome among HIV-positive and HIV-negative populations in sub-Saharan Africa—a systematic review and meta-analysis

Search Search terms Number of hits
Number of hits
Number of hits
Cochrane Database
Number of hits
Web of Science
#1 metabolic syndrome OR syndrome X OR insulin resistance syndrome 187,904 27,587 10,928 128,787
#2 Hypertension OR high blood pressure 533723 102,771 89,556 107.083
#3 Type 2 diabetes mellitus OR type 2 diabetes OR diabetes Mellitus OR non-insulin dependent diabetes OR adult onset diabetes 435357 92,546 38,353 377,811
#4 Human Immunodeficiency Virus OR Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Virus OR AIDS Virus OR HIV Seronegativities OR Seronegativity, HIV OR HIV Seropositivities OR Seropositivity, HIV 329085 139,326 8285 268,598
#5 #1 OR #2 OR #3 AND #4 8693 137,326 97,517 134,466
#6 African filter((((Angola OR Benin OR Botswana OR “Burkina Faso” OR Burundi OR Cameroon OR “Cape Verde” OR “Central African Republic” OR Chad OR Comoros OR Congo OR “Democratic Republic of Congo” OR Djibouti OR “Equatorial Guinea” OR Eritrea OR Ethiopia OR Gabon OR Gambia OR Ghana OR Guinea OR “Guinea Bissau” OR “Ivory Coast” OR “Cote d’Ivoire” OR Kenya OR Lesotho OR Liberia OR Madagascar OR Malawi OR Mali OR Mauritania OR Mauritius OR Mozambique OR Namibia OR Niger OR Nigeria OR Principe OR Reunion OR Rwanda OR “Sao Tome” OR Senegal OR Seychelles OR “Sierra Leone” OR Somalia OR “South Africa” OR Sudan OR Swaziland OR Tanzania OR Togo OR Uganda OR “Western Sahara” OR Zambia OR Zimbabwe OR “Central Africa” OR “Central African” OR “West Africa” OR “West African” OR “Western Africa” OR “Western African” OR “East Africa” OR “East African” OR “Eastern Africa” OR “Eastern African” OR “South African” OR “Southern Africa” OR “Southern African” OR “sub Saharan Africa” OR “sub Saharan African” OR “sub Saharan Africa” OR “sub Saharan African” NOT “guinea pig” NOT “guinea pigs” NOT “aspergillus niger” )))) 310426 354,204 15,628 467,826
#7 # 5 AND # 6 Limits: 01/01/1990 to 28/02/2017 in English and French on humans 632 7960 1825 160
Total = 125 Title screening 98 25 0 2